YWIH Summer Blog: Jaimie Leonoff in Montreal


On Ice Goalie World

Goalie World!

Hope everyone’s summers have been enjoyable! So far I have been keeping myself busy at the gym, working hockey camps, and skating when I can. Training has been going well, it’s always a grind but its great to see the progress! We have been working on a lot of power and strength exercises, as well as movement patterns and agility type stuff. Overall, I am really enjoying what we are doing so far.

A few weeks back I went on vacation with my family. We went to the South of France for about a week. We ran into some crazy people while we were there, one of them being Magic Johnson! It was great to get away and

Magic Johnson!

Magic Johnson!

relax for a week, and it was nice to be with my family. 

Coaching Amey Doyle Hockey Camp

Amey Doyle Hockey Camp

Since I have been back I have gone right back to where I left off. For some exciting news, this weekend I will be heading to Boston to play in the Beantown classic with a bunch of the girls on the team! We play Coach Zumi on Friday night and she is going to cry when we beat her! Hope everyone’s summer has been great, looking forward to seeing everyone soon!














Beach Time














Friends with Pk Subban

With PK Subban and Friends









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