YWIH Summer Blog: Tara Tomimoto Calgary Life-Ready for SEASON!


Erin and I (and our moms) at Commencement


Training with Jenny and Rob Potter in Minneapolis (4th of July BBQ)


Meeting Freshmen at Twins Game


Grandpa and I at Stampede


Sister Throwing Med Ball


Out for dinner for 22nd birthday


In Montana with Friend Christina

Hey Everyone!
I’m so excited to get back to school as its nearly time to meet all the newcomers and see all the returners again!  I had a very busy summer.  In May, I graduated (well not really).  I am originally class of 2013 so I decided that I wanted to walk in commencement with my original class.  When I returned to Calgary, I started my job as a research analyst in the energy sector at Maclean and Partners.  That was a great and really eye-opening experience.  I also took 3 weeks to attend U.S. Olympian Jenny Potter’s elite hockey camp.  Training with Jenny was grueling, we had two ice sessions per day as well as lifts and conditioning.  When I wasn’t training I was napping!  I also had the opportunity to play in a game at Jess’ camp and meet the freshman for next year!  After Jenny’s camp I returned to Calgary and my job at McLean and Partners.  When I returned, it was also Stampede Week, so my sister and I took my 91 year old Grandpa down to the grounds!  I also began taking Econometrics through Yale’s online class system.  Between class, work and training, it was very busy.  I had the opportunity to go to my friend’s cabin in Montana but other than that my summer was mostly work!  Also, for some reason my sister was really keen to do my workouts with me so she did all of the YWIH workouts all summer.  She was my training buddy throughout the summer so she should probably come for fitness testing in September!  I hope everyone had a more relaxing summer than mine and I can’t wait to see everyone!


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Yale Women's Hockey Assistant Coach
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