YWIH Summer Blog Entry: Kate Martini Toronto Life

Hi everybody!


Ailish Forfar and I at the country music night Blue Jays game

I can’t believe it’s three weeks from today that I will be starting my sophomore year classes. This summer has absolutely flown by. For the first couple of months of the summer, I was just at home training and hanging out with friends. I am a big baseball fan so to pass some of the time, I went to a couple of Toronto Blue Jays games with my friends and my brother. Spending time with my brother was a big highlight of my summer as at the end of June, he and his fiancé moved to Singapore and I won’t get to see him again until Christmas!


The Sign my Girls Made for the the Coach vs Counselor Game

In July, I spent a few works working at Norwich University and Dartmouth College at a hockey camp. Working with the kids was a lot of fun and I even got to work with some of the Yale Jr. Bulldogs players who come to some of our home games and play at Ingalls.  Definitely one of the highlights of camp was the coach-counselor game, where all of the kids make signs and get to watch the coaches and counselors play a game against each other. When I wrapped up working at camp, I decided to head back to school for a week and train with Haddad and Dunbar. Emil definitely wasn’t easy on us but being back on campus made me just that much more excited for the season to start! I hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer and can’t wait to see everyone around the rink!


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