YWHI Summer Blog Entry: Madi Murray the Flood and the Bunny


Left to right: my sister Kelly, Me, sister Eden, cousin Mitchell, sister Logan, cousin Doug, cousin Brynn; Front: cousin Grayson, Doug’s girlfriend Hayley


Where we stayed in Manitoba, a small national park the locals call “Clear Lake”. Looks like the woods in Twilight.


Flooding in Calgary


Me and my sisters on the boat. L to R: Eden, Me, Logan, Kelly.

I was planning on spending my entire summer in Calgary, taking classes online and living it up with my 3 sisters. Unfortunately, right in the middle of summer, a huge flood happened. No one we know was hurt in the flood, but a lot of people lost their homes and had no insurance. I lost all my gear in the flood, which is unfortunate because A) it is expensive to replace, and B) it was all my custom ordered stuff that had my team name and my number on it. So I will look like a knob come September. In the meantime, my family had to relocate to another province until our house was livable again. In the small town in Manitoba, I found a gym to train in, which was not easy to locate. Also, there was no Internet I could use for my classes so I had to bike around twice a week to find a building with wireless so I could log onto the online classroom. Apart from training in the tiny gym and doing classes, I spent the rest of my summer in Manitoba biking around doing fun activities, going to dinner, boating with my cousins, and baking. Also, my little sister found a baby bunny that I secretly call Bernardo. He now has 4 mothers. I am currently on my way back to Alberta, and will spend the remainder of my summer lifting, eating carrots and plenty of vegetables, taking care of Bernardo, and going on wild adventures.


Bernardo the bunny and me


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