YWIH Summer Blog: Steph Mock Workin, Florida and Colorado


Odelle and I. He liked my gadged (Iphone)


First time down the Gorge

Hello from (not so sunny) Florida!

It has been raining basically nonstop here. This summer I have been working at a machine shop, putting stuff together. I have also been working with a physical therapist group. I basically do paperwork, audit files and then follow the PT’s around and meet the patients. The office is in a nursing home and the people here are adorable. One day, we came back to a patients room after her session and were greeted by her husband, Odell, who has dimensia. He was coming out of the restroom with his plaid shirt tucked into his underwear, which were pulled up above his pants. His pants were another story- he managed to get one side pocket over his butt and the other over his belly button.

At the end of June I went to Colorado to visit my girlfriend who works as a raft guide in Colorado Springs with her twin sister. It was such an amazing trip! The weather was beautiful and perfect temperature the entire time. We went rafting on the Royal Gorge Canyon, hiked around Garden of the Gods, jumped off a water fall, explored a castle built by one man all by himself and celebrated a friends 21st birthday. Basically, I want to go back.


Crazy Cool Castle


Making shapes with pancakes for Hil’s 21st


Garden of the Gods


Attractive Girls


Karaoke Night

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I can’t wait to get back and see everyone and start the new season officially!


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