Thanksgiving Break

Nutmeg Classic T’s by Whip Hockey

The players have enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break away from school. Even though they have a break from physically attending classes, the girls have been plugging away with papers and studying for upcoming exams. We have practiced hard this week preparing for the Nutmeg Classic Tournament. This annual tournament is always during Thanksgiving weekend and brings the three Connecticut Division I teams; Yale, Quinnipiac, and UCONN together. There is an outside team that is added as well, and this year it is Boston College. We are hosting the tournament this year at Yale, and are looking forward to playing at home.

Dano dressed up as Jamie Haddad

During the week we did a few team building activities and had a mental training session Monday. On Wednesday we did Minute to Win it competition. Prior to the competition the girls dressed up as another teammate and act out a 10-30 sec. skit imitating them. There were many spot on imitations. It was a fun way to get the competition started. The first event was “Face the Cookie” where

Freshmen Hanna Astrom during “Face the Cookie”

an Oreo is placed on a contestants forehead and without using their hands they need to get the Oreo in their mouth. The girls were competing in their 3v3 teams and each member on the team has a life. If they lose in an event, they lose their one life. The Golden Snipes were the only team that could not pass the “Face the Cookie” task. In the end, it was Janelle Ferrara and the Dunzaroos that came away with

Kate Martini during “Walrus”

the win. The final event was called “Backflip”. Contestants had to flip 2 pencils at a time from the back of their hand and catch them in the air. They needed to add up to 12 pencils, and Janelle did it on her first try! We concluded the evening with a team Thanksgiving meal that was delicious!

On Thanksgiving Day we had an early 7am practice to get the legs

Pies at the Haddads

going and gave the girls the rest of the day off to spend with family and friends. Many gathered at Paige Decker’s house, and many others went to Jamie Haddad’s in Springfield MA. The Haddad family has many traditions they do during holidays. Ali Austin picked the short stick and had to put on a full body turkey suit! Her grandmother also baked 11 pies! It was a great time…a very fat time =)

Ali Austin Looking Sharp!

Everyone is looking forward to starting this tournament! Should be a great weekend of hockey.

Team Thanksgiving!


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