Yale Women’s Hockey First Annual Olympic Fitness Testing Games

Last week marked the first annual Yale Women’s Hockey Olympic Fitness Testing Games. Coaches first split us up in 5 teams of 4 or 5. Each fitness test was an event for points. The amount of people healthy who could participate meant the amount of points up for grabs. In the past we normally just test the 200yd. shuttle x 10, pushups, vertical jump, long jump,

Jamie Haddad and Hanna Astrom

and pull-ups. This year coaches added more to make more events and testing tougher. New events included; mile-break-mile, the  secret Bulldog Run, sit-ups, bench press, and team relay. For those that couldn’t run, the tests were 10-mile bike, 3 mile bike-break-3 mile bike, and a 125 meter shuttle swim test.  The Olympics provided us with a fun-competitive way to assess our training improvements

Tara Tomimoto Getting Ready to do Vertical Jump

in the summer.

The highlights of testing included; when coaches didn’t tell us that we were running another mile after we went all out on the first one. They told us we had 5 minutes to recover and then we had to do it again! (the worst). Another highlight is when freshmen, Jaimie Haddad who had mono this summer, left during her second mile to throw up, and then

Push-up Test

came back to finish her laps, never quitting. Some top performers included; Steph Mock’s 21 pull-ups, Jaimie Leonoff’s 26 inch vertical jump, Kate Martini’s 145lb bench press, Tara Tomimoto’s 12:34 combined mile break mile, and Dani Moncion’s 400 she did during team relay after the Bulldog run in 1:09! There were many more great testing results which is a positive for our program. Unfortunately, not

Girls getting ready for Swimming Test

everyone can win the Olympics =(

Winners of the 2012 Olympics were;

2 Individual Winners, Junior Defensemen Tara Tomimoto, and Sophomore Goalie Jaimie Leonoff tied for Gold.

The group team winners, (Quarter Ton Quartet) included; Dani Moncion, Jaimie Leonoff, Ashley

Getting ready to do the mile

Dunbar, and Lynn Kennedy.

During this last week after the Olympics there has been training sessions along with captains practices. Today the team has power-skating with Strength Coach Joe Maher. Everyone is starting to get very anxious for season to start.

3 weeks until first official practice!


Team Quarter Ton Quartet

First Team Pic




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