Summer Blog Entry: Paige Decker Olympic Travels

Hello From London!

My brother and I at the aquatic center!

I am actually not in London anymore, but I was there for six weeks and it was definitely the coolest thing I did this summer.  I did one of Yale’s study abroad programs and took two classes with a group of 15 other students.  It was my first time in London and it was an incredible experience, especially since I was there for the entire Olympic Games!  I was even lucky enough to see some events.  I went to some swimming events and got to see Michael Phelps swim his last career race!    Kobe Bryant was

At the Olympic Stadium for Track and Field

there for the medal ceremony and he looked at me.  I also went to preliminary rounds of track and field, women’s field hockey, and men’s gymnastics.  My friends and I were also able to get last minute tickets to the USA vs. Japan women’s soccer gold medal match at Wembley Stadium!  It was all just the coolest thing ever. 

Before the Olympics, my class took

Women’s Field Hockey-USA vs Germany

a four-day trip to Paris.  One of our classes was an art history class, so we visited a lot of museums to look at different 18th century French paintings.  The Louvre was definitely the coolest…and it was HUGE.  Besides Paris, I didn’t really travel outside of London because there was so much to do there, especially during the Olympics.                

USA vs. Japan Gold Medal Match

Since I came home I’ve just been hanging with my dogs, working on my tan, and training for the season.  I can’t wait to get back on campus and hear how everyone’s summers have been! 



Just Hangin’ at the Eiffel Towel







Kobe looking at me when I took a pic =)








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