Summer Blog Entry: Natalie Wedell Mile High City

Denver Chalk Art

Hello from Denver, the mile high city!

Interning with DISH Network’s marketing department is awesome. I’m fortunate to be part of Yale’s extraordinary partnership with Bulldogs in the Rockies/CLIMB. My new friends from Harvard, Middlebury, Purdue, and Brown are great. And, everyone in Denver has been wonderful.

Breathtaking in beauty and adventure, some of the highlights I’ve enjoyed:

•  Denver Chalk Art Festival

•  Night-time concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

•  White water rafting on the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers

•  Hiking two 14-ers (mountains with summits above 14,000 feet!) When you’re in an airplane and the attendant says you can start to use electronic devices, you’re at 14,000 feet. Gray’s Peak is the highest peak on the Continental Divide in the U.S.

•  People watching on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, which is lined with trees, flowers, and restaurants.

View from Gray’s Peak

Training in Denver is amazing. Everyday, at 5 a.m., I work out at a local gym before work. On the weekends, I play in two men’s hockey leagues. There’s no shortage of daring adventure and active people here.

I’m excited to return to Yale for my senior year!

Torrey’s Peak


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