Summer Blog Entry: Jen Matichuk Hollyyywoooodd

Hello Everyone!

Me and my friends Chloe and bridget in front of the house they film modern family!

Hope the summer is starting off well. Mine has been pretty eventful so far! Directly following the end of exams I stayed busy and worked on the Commencement musical, Hair, as the Head Rigger. The show went up for a successful four runs on commencement weekend so I was lucky enough to see all of the seniors on the last days, which was great, but also very sad. And made me realize I’m now a senior! AH! How did that happen??

Anyway, from there I went back home and chilled out for a solid two weeks. I did close to nothing and it was exactly what I needed. And I also got the OK from my doctor to start training again and my back is doing well! At

Outside of my Hasbro workplace, a giant Mr. Potato Head!

the end of those two, relaxing weeks, I packed up my things into a car with my Dad and drove many hours (about 30) to Los Angeles, CA (from Edmonton, AB)! It was a looong trip but we drove through some really beautiful places (Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona) and eventually made it!

In Los Angeles I am currently interning at a couple Film companies. One job is at Hasbro Films and it is such a fun time. I work in their office on the Universal Studios lot, which is super cool. Sometimes the Universal Studios tours drive by when I walk out of the office, think I’m a big deal, and proceed to take pictures of me. It’s pretty funny. But for the

The view from a rooftop bar in Venice Beach. So pretty! I love the beach!

job basically I read scripts and write coverage, answer phones, create concept boards, help put together film pitches, and general office stuff. It’s really chill and my bosses are a ton of fun. We play with nerf guns a lot. My other job is at Hutch Parker Entertainment in Santa Monica about a block from the beach. Very similar duties to the Hasbro job and super chill as well. And the gym I joined is across the street and it’s the best thing in the world. I have a new love of Yoga. I’m obsessed. And I’ve been catching some rays so I have a little color!

I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer – turning more and more into a

Seeing my all-time favorite artist, Matthew Mayfield, perform live!!! (been waiting 4 years for that moment)

Californian by taking surf lessons and longboarding around town and also taking a trip up to San Francisco in the near future! I love it here. Hope everyone else is having a great summer as well!

Here is another – me and my friend Farah getting a surf lesson in Santa Monica. My first time with a lesson and I stood up several times!


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