Summer Blog Entry: Steph Mock Working in the Plant

Making caterpillar fuel caps

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great summer. Also, I’m sure you all have better pics than I do. My summer hasn’t been too exciting- just working, training, babysitting, hanging with the fam and playing a bit of roller hockey.

I work in the production plant that my mom works at as a machinist/toolmaker. Basically, I put stuff together using a lot of the tools and machines that she makes. It’s pretty dull work after a while so the nerd in me downloaded  some interesting class lectures off iTunes to listen to. I also, practice my spanish with one of the lady’s I work with and help her with her english.

Getting parts

Whenever I correct something she says, she goes to right in down on her pad of paper- it’s pretty cute.

Then every few weekends I babysit Gavin and Emily. I alternate between being a barbie doll for Emily or a multi-sport athlete for Gavin. I also hang out with my aunts on the weekends, but the past few weekends I’ve been renovating the bathroom with my mom. Hopefully there will be after-photo’s by next week.

So that’s basically it for me. Nothing too exciting happening in Florida. I can’t wait to

Taking the sink out

get back to campus and see everyone!

Demolition-taking up the old tile. That thing weighed at least 40 pounds


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