Holiday Party/Baby Shower

On Tuesday we had our annual Holiday party. It is always a feisty event since we have a competitive gift exchange. This year we started our holiday party a bit different than in the past, we had a baby shower for Coach and his wife Angie. Each class bought presents and presented them with some great speeches. Winning speech was junior, Jaime Gray’s, which she told Coach and his wife that their baby will always have 23 sisters. 

Since Angie didn’t want to play any baby shower games (she is shy), we just did one fun guessing contest. Each one of us guessed the date we thought when the baby would actually be born, the sex of the baby, and even the babies name. The statistic is that 4% of babies are born on the actual due date. The actual due date of Coach’s baby is February 16th, one day before our last regular season games against Dartmouth and Harvard. All of the guesses were put in writing on a calender. The due date guesses were very spread apart as most of the players, of course, used their own hockey numbers. Junior, Alyssa Zupon, tends to have a knack for putting unique thought into everything and didn’t let down this time either. She said that the baby would be a girl and would be called Joakima (girl version of Coach Joakim’s name) It made for a great laugh. The same person who said during her gift speech that the baby will have 23 sisters (Jaime Gray) also said that the baby will be born on the 7th (Jamie’s hockey number) that it will be a girl, and that the name will be Jamie. HAHA

We then had a wonderful catered meal prior to our gift exchange. For our gift exchange, each person brings one gift. There are three rounds. We are seated in a circle formation and take turns rolling dice; OBJECTIVE: to get doubles. The first round is not timed. When you roll doubles, you get to pick up the gift of your choice until everyone has a gift. During the second round there are 4 minutes on the clock and when you roll doubles you have to trade gifs with another person. When times up in the second round everyone goes around the circle and opens their gift so everyone can scope out the gift that they really want. During round three there are again 4 minutes on the clock and this is when things start getting really competitive. Everyone is screaming because they want the people rolling the dice to roll faster so that they can have more opportunities to roll doubles and trade to get the gift they want. It wasn’t as violent as last year, but it still did get pretty loud. There were a lot of screams for overtime.



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