Back at It…

We reported back to Yale on December 27th after having spent 10 days at home for our holiday break. This is the best time during the hockey season since we can focus all of our time and energy towards HOCKEY. We have no classes until January 9th! Since our residential colleges are closed right now, we stay at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on campus. No making our beds!

Our first practice back on the 28th was tough as we were trying to get our legs and a feel for the puck back. The rest of the practices this week have progressively improved. This break from school is also a great time to do team building. Team building is important because the closer we are as a team, this unity will translate on the ice. We will have more trust and

Lacrosse Bumper Cars In Full Action

confidence within one another. On the 30th we went to the Connecticut Sportsplex for a couple hours where we had access to laser tag, batting cages, and a new game called lacrosse bumper cars. The Lacrosse bumper cars were a big hit as it was the most favored game.

Coaches gave us New Years Day off, so after practice on the afternoon of the 31st, some of us went home

Paige Decker and Jamie Gray Enjoying the Batting Cages

since we live so close by and others had a great time together nearby.

Today we had a high energy practice that concluded with our 3 on 3 tournament that we haven’t done in so long! After practice we had lunch, goal setting, and team movie. We came up with team goals for this second half of the season. It is important that we focus on continuously achieving these goals, and to not just write them on paper

Coach UK Testing out his Batting Skills

and forget about them. After our goal setting we watched a motivational movie called, Soul Surfer. We highly recommend it! We finished Soul Surfer just in time for us to get back to our lovely vacation life and watch the Winter Classic. We can never get enough of hockey!


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