The Sweater

Last week Tuesday we had a team meeting about our vision for this season. Our coaching style places a great deal of emphasis on mental training. This is why every year as a coaching staff we come up with a vision for the season. The vision gives our team a mission, a sense of purpose, something to get excited about. The vision is what will pull them along, what they will compete for, and what they are willing to sacrifice for.

This years’ vision is dedicating this season to our beloved teammate, Mandi Schwartz, who passed away in April losing her battle to leukemia. There will be a few different sections in the season that will focus on either fighting through a hardship or battling back from a tough loss.

This first section of our overall team vision is for Mike Reeder who lost both legs in the Vietnam War. He came back and chased his dream to become the first wheelchair golfer to play the Old Course at St. Andrews and also to break 80 on the course. Another tough part of Mike’s story is that along his journey to finally play at St. Andrews, he lost his best friend to cancer.  His best friend, Mike Bilbrey, used to play all his rounds of golf with Mike and they made a pact that they would one day play at St. Andrews. Right before Mike Bilbrey died he asked Mike Reeder to promise him that he would play at St. Andrews and spread his ashes on the green there. Mike did not break that promise, but he did break 80 on the course!

Words from Mike Reeder. “You can do anything you can set your mind to, and I think that is one example that I will claim. I have shown what a person can do if he puts his mind to it, whether disabled or not. If you have a goal and you strive toward that goal, just the fact of doing it, striving toward it, makes you a better person.”

Click on the link to see the video we showed our team.

Team Discussing Goals for This Section of the Year To Put on Poster

During pre-game meal the girls filled out a poster for this section of our season and for Mike Reeder! They came up with Team Goals for this section of our vision which entails the next couple months.

During the movie Mike wore a very patriotic sweater with the American Flag on it. Honestly, it was a pretty hideous sweater. Thus, us coaches went out and

Team Poster For First Section

bought an international sweater representing all of the nationalities on our team. The sweater will be worn after Saturday’s game every week by the person who exemplifies hard work and dedication to that week leading up. 

After the game on Saturday, the first deserving recipient of the sweater is junior forward Alyssa Zupon for her efforts at D over the weekend. Every time she steps on the ice she continues to improve and never complains.


Alyssa Zupon With the Sweater

Tomorrow, we leave for our first real road trip of the season to Ithaca, NY for Cornell and Colgate. Let’s go Bulldogs!


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One Response to The Sweater

  1. Mike Reeder says:

    Thank you, everyone for the kind words.
    Wear you sweaters with pride. I do!

    Mike Reeder

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