Coach Uk's Birthday Surprise

Last Sunday, Oct. 2nd was Coach UK’s birthday. After an extremely tough workout the team surprised Coach with a cake before he was on his way home. Funny thing is-we had this great chocolate cake, but since no one had a lighter, we had candles on the cake that were not lit, woops. He still got to make a wish =) Led by Sophomore, Patricia McGauley, the team “tried”  to sing Happy Birthday in Coach UK’s native language, Swedish. It was a great way to end the tough day at the gym. 

We had one more intense workout on Tuesday and were given Wednesday/Thursday off. It’s been a much needed time to catch up on schoolwork and take midterms before life get’s very busy. However, official team practice Friday couldn’t come soon enough!




About yalewomenshockey

Yale Women's Hockey Assistant Coach
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