Last Couple Weeks Before Official Practice By Junior Dani Moncion

The Yale Women’s Ice hockey team has spent the last few weeks getting back into the books, working hard in pre season and of course bonding outside the rink. 

The highlight in the weight room so far I would have to say is when a certain sophomore, in hopes of doing a perfect bridge, slipped arms wide open on the floor only to end up doing a face bridge… well done. 

But on a more serious note, I think we have all really shown each other how hard work over the summer pays off. Needless to say… we came back to win.

Outside the rink there has been a lot of team bonding! The weekend after our Cape Cod retreat was met with great anticipation as the line up consisted of toga, tailgate and the 80’s party! From impressive zebra striped togas to polo helmets at tailgate and the most outrageous outfits for the 80’s party… YWIH was definitely well represented and full of great laughs. We were also great citizens that weekend as our team partook in the annual community service event, Youth Days!  

Another week of work outs flew by and ended with some lovely squat/ lunge holds… ooo how we missed the burn. While steaming up the weight room with our bike sprints we were looking forward to celebrating another great week with tailgate #2 and another night on the town,  but this time in country boots, daisey dukes, plaid shirts and cowgirl hats!  

Looking forward to 7 more days of workouts before our season officially starts on October 7th! With play books in hand and weeks of hard work under our belts we are pumped to all get on the ice together and continue to challenge ourselves on and off the ice. 


About yalewomenshockey

Yale Women's Hockey Assistant Coach
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