Team Retreat Prospective of Sophomore Patricia McGauley

Annual tradition for the Yale Women’s Ice Hockey Team is the pre-season retreat. After fitness testing week the entire team goes on a weekend getaway to relax before the season gets going. This year, Junior Erin Callahan and her family hosted us at their family beach house at Cape Cod.

The first day we drove– our car (Tara, Jamie, Jlaw, Jenna, and I). Right away we were spoiled by Alyssa Zupon’s mom’s cooking. Then we did some intros and went for a little night swim in the Cape. 

The next day. We all woke up, and studied, actually. But it was really nice to read on the beach. Soon though, Erin got us all up and going for a little drive to the other side so we could go to the ocean. That was colder, but sooo much fun. I learned how to dive under waves. We also learned that there are sand spiders about a foot under the sand and they bite!

We then went to PJ’s and tried out some lobster rolls (some of us for the first time), and then some of us went back to study, while others went to the pond. The water was so nice, I was drinking it as I was swimming. After going back to Erin’s we had some dinner and played some bonding games to get to know each other. We have 5 new freshmen this year so it was great that we had this opportunity to get to know each other.

The next morning, some woke up early to leave. The retreat was sooo relaxing. I totally recommend my older, much more wealthy self to consider buying some Cape Cod property especially during stressed out moments.

Thank you Erin, and Erin’s fam soooo much!
Let’s get this season going!


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