Giana and her Cake YUMMM

Last Sunday, the team made a trip out to Giana’s house to celebrate her one year anniversary of being tumor free!! For those who are new to this blog and do not know the story of Giana here is a brief catch up;

Giana Cardonita was inducted to the Yale Women’s Ice Hockey Team early last season after our game against RPI which we held the Whiteout for Mandi Game-to raise funds for Mandi and her family. Mandi was one of our teammates who passed away this past April losing her battle to Leukemia. The Whiteout for Mandi brought a record breaking crowd for any Women’s Hockey Game. That game was not only special for our dear teammate Mandi, but it was the day that Giana would become an honorary Bulldog.

After a few months after undergoing brain surgery to remove the life-threatening tumor, Giana was here at Ingalls Rink dropping the ceremony game puck.  After the game we gave Giana her own jersey and her own locker stall in the locker room right across from Mandi’s stall.

Since then, Giana doesn’t miss a home game. The girls find time to spend with Giana whenever they can going to her Christmas recital, having team bake-offs…etc Giana is this beautiful 10 year old girl, bright, witty, outgoing, and just full of life. This is why she was the Master of Ceremonies for the teams’ banquet last season.


So, this past Sunday we celebrated with her family and friends over delicious food and of course in Cardonita style, with a stunning cake. We spent the afternoon learning about Giana’s summer adventures and playing games in the sunshine! Giana is just as eager as all of us for the season to start!!


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