We Are Back…

Hello Yale Women’s Hockey Supporters! It’s great to be back at Yale for hopefully record breaking season! 

Most of us started trickling onto campus last weekend a day or two before Hurricane Irene hit. What a welcome back. We were very fortunate to have minimal damage to our town as Hurricane Irene decided to calm to a tropical storm mid day last Sunday. Around 700,000 homes in Connecticut lost power and 25 homes were destroyed due to flooding.

Post Irene- many trees knocked over, broken power lines, and debris everywhere. 

Nonetheless, three days after Hurricane Irene struck, we still started school on Wednesday the

Jr. Lauren Davis Pumping out the Pull-ups

31st. At Yale we do a thing called shopping period in the first 2 weeks of school. It’s Yale’s course selection period  allows you to participate in courses that interest you without enrolling in them right away. After the course selection period you then choose which four or five to enroll in. Classes conducted during the first two weeks of the

Push-up Test

term are regular, full-fledged classes in which readings and homework are assigned. It is shopping around, but participation is expected. Professors with teach the courses as they would normally. It gives students the opportunity to decide which courses, or type of professors, they wish to enroll.

Sophomore Jackie Raines Pull-up Champion

Sunday morning was our first day of fitness testing with our conditioning shuttles. Each one of us, including the freshmen, made certain that we trained as hard as we could this summer. Collectively, we knew that fitness is by far one of the largest components to being a successful team. Fitness is also something that WE can control.

Jr. Tara Tomimoto, and Sophomore Aurora Kennedy Getting a Bike Workout In

For the conditioning shuttle test we do 10 200 yard shuttles with a 2 minute break between. There are cones placed at the 50 yard mark and at the start of the 50 yards. It is down and back twice……10 times! 

Our strength coach, Joe, changed the expected gold standard time to 36 seconds which is 4 seconds faster than last year. Needless to say, we were all freaking out. Joe did an amazing job calming us down days before testing letting us know that testing shouldn’t be a time to get nervous, but a time to prove to the coaches and our teammates how hard we worked during the past few months.

Results: Night and day from last season. Several of us passed the gold standard time, and all but one or two passed the bronze time of 40 second. Freshmen Lynn Kennedy was in the 34 second mark in all 10 reps! Way to go Lynn! 

Monday was our pull-ups and push-ups testing day. Almost everyone showed improvement. Two notable sophomores, Jackie Raines, and Paige Decker improved tremendously. Jackie had 8 last season and did 16! Paige had 1 or 2 last season, and did 14! 

We finished testing with a tough first team workout. We have a couple more fitness tests to go in the next few days. The ice has started to go in the Ingalls Rink as well. We can’t wait to start captains practice! 





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