Genny Ladiges Summer Entry-From New Foundland to Minnesota

Hey everyone!

At Cape St. Mary’s chillin with some Northern Gannets

Although I’ve had a fantastic summer so far, I can’t wait to get back on campus in less than 2 weeks! I spent the first few weeks of my summer at home in Almonte, spending some quality time with the old fam jam and finishing up a research paper about the brain’s ability to measure time that will hopefully get published this fall.

June was definitely an exciting month! I flew to St. John’s, NL to embark on a crazy adventure exploring the rugged coastline of Canada’s most easterly province. I got funding for the trip through a Davenport Fellowship and decided to drag my sister along. We spent several days tackling St. John’s by foot before

My sister and I on Woody Island, NL

renting a car and setting out to explore the Avalon Peninsula. Some highlights of our trip included seeing the biggest nesting colonies of Atlantic Puffins and Northern Gannets in the world, getting “screeched in” by a fisherman with an enormous belly and one tooth, eating a disgusting amount of Cod and meeting some friendly locals who were incredibly hospitable. Most of all, I enjoyed cruising around with my sister, who I won’t get to see a whole lot since she moved to Seattle this week to start her first job at Microsoft.

Soon after arriving home, I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth yanked out and laid

Gary, Indiana…nbd

low for a couple of days. It was pretty brutal, but I survived. Before I knew it, it was time for the second big adventure of my summer. My Dad and I set out on a 3 day roadtrip to Minneapolis, and made sure to make some fun stops along the way. We checked out the Motown museum in Detroit, heard some amazing blues in Chicago, and I even coerced my Dad into stopping in Gary, Indiana to stop by Michael Jackson’s childhood home. We were driving right by it, so we haaaad to stop. In case anybody was wondering, it was incredibly tiny and crazy ghetto.

I’ve been in Minneapolis now for almost 2 weeks and I love it here! I’ve been training at Stauber’s Goalcrease 6 days a week and staying with a host family, who are incredibly nice. I typically get on the ice for an hour at noon and spend the afternoon in the gym. The coaches at the Goalcrease are very knowledgeable, dedicated, and a

The gym at Stauber’s Goalcrease in Edina, MN

ton of fun, which has made my experience a fantastic one thus far. My host family has done a great job of getting me out on evenings to see some cool stuff, such as the giant Mall of America, the Como Zoo, Valley Fair theme park, and a kick-butt water park in Wisconsin. Of course my visit to Minnesota wouldn’t be complete without seeing Natski, so this past Sunday we met up at the USA National Camp in Blaine, MN to watch Coach Zumi face off against Snik. Both of them played great, with Snik making several impossible saves and Zumi using her speed and tenacity to aggravate her opponents. Pretty standard.

I’ve got just over a week left here in Minnesota before I head back to school. I can’t wait to see everyone and start off our season!


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