Aleca Hughes Summer Entry-Training, Working, FISHING!

   Like everyone else my summer has been action packed with working and working out, but there is one other thing the Hughes family takes just as serious as hockey, and that is fishing. So when I’m not at the gym or the rink or working,  I’m on the water. We spend our time chasing striped bass, bluefish and bonito through the waters that surround Martha’s Vineyard. We think its living at its finest. We catch all our food and also sell fish commercially. The tides control our hours, but most days we’re up and out with the sun. Martha’s Vineyard is my favorite place in the world. I love being with my family, I love the ocean, and I love summer. So I’ve been a happy camper for sure… I’m not much of a picture taker, but here’s what I’ve got…


About yalewomenshockey

Yale Women's Hockey Assistant Coach
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