Jenn Lawrence Summer Entry-Rome-in Around

Hey guys~

As Jenna Ciotti mentioned last month, she and I started off this summer by attending “May Training” for Freshmen Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT) leaders. We spent four days roughing it on the Appalachian Trail, learning all of the necessary hiking skills to take freshmen on an incredible outdoor pre-orientation trip this year!  I had a lot of fun relaxing, getting to know other FOOT leaders and soaking up chills in the good ol’ Connecticut sun!

1: View across the Tiber on the way to class each morning!

After May Training, I went back home for a week, and before long I was on a plane to Rome, where Lauren Davis and I spent five weeks taking a course on the history of the city.  We lived in a small (yet homey) apartment that, from the outside, looked slightly like somewhere the Italian mafia might meet.  To enter it each day, we had to unlock these massive, graffiti-ridden doors with one of those long, clumsy keys you really

Only in Rome are there event posters for the Pope's beatification...

only see in historical movies.  The course was pretty tough – in addition to seminars, on-site lectures, wine-tastings and required site visits, we also had a paper due each week and a final, 15 page paper on a research topic of our choice.  Still, Lauren and I found loads of time to explore the city with the other people on our trip, and we had an unreal time!  One unfortunate discovery that we made early on was that there was a delicious gelato place right across the street from our apartment… so we may or may not have visited it once a day (…at least…) for the entire trip…sorry Zumi!

After five weeks, I was sufficiently Catholic-

Lauren and I in our apartment

churched-out, and ready to travel back to the wonderful country of Canada!  I’ve spent the last week and a half desperately trying to get my drivers license (which I probably shouldn’t have put off for the last three years), so I hopefully will have it by the time I get back on campus!  It was great fun…every day last week from 9 til 3:45 I was “that older kid” in a driving class with nineteen

Lauren loving life

15-year-old. But hey, what can you do?  Other than that, I’ve been working out every morning and getting ice whenever I can.  I spent this past weekend up at my cottage with some friends and family loving the great Canadian mornings and taking midnight dips in the lake J.  It’s been nice to hang out with the crew and share some positive vibrations… hopefully I’ll spend more time up

Famous statue

there this month!

That’s it for now – t-minus 1 month and 15 days until we’re all together again… not that I’ve been keeping track or anything :P.  I miss you, YWIH!  Keep on keeping on.

Love, JLaw

A bunch of the crew


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