Jamie Gray Summer Entry-Tanking it up in Colorado

My first adventure started when I decided to finally leave Yale campus after 4 weeks of sticking around New Haven holding on tight to the last memories with our seniors.

I worked Yale’s Commencement and Reunions. I had the opportunity to be a housing assistant in my own college, Branford! The work was a little hard at times, as the work hours varied significantly and sometimes I would work until midnight, but it turned out to be a great experience.  I was fortunate to casually walk past Jessica Alba and her baby on Chapel Street and meet Jessica Simpson under the tent in Old Campus, and by meet, I mean nervously giggle and blush while shaking her hand.The people you see on campus during reunions are incredible!

I was Alberta Bound as of early morning Monday June 6, and there was no better feeling. I had a short visit at home, touching down in beautiful Calgary that evening and departing again early Friday morning. I spent almost all week preparing for my internship in Denver, and training for hockey of course! Friday morning hit really quickly and as of 12 noon I was out of Canada and had crossed the border into Montana with my parents. We stayed one night in Montana and the other in Boulder Colorado (for those of you who haven’t been, GO!) It was an amazing first experience
of Colorado. It is a small city just outside the Colorado Rockies; gorgeous doesn’t even describe the place!

Sunday afternoon we moved into my new housing for the summer and automatically set out to find me a gym close by and a grocery store. It wasn’t hard finding anything outdoors like or fitness oriented in Denver. I joined a gym about a ten minute walk from my apartment. Some NHL guys workout in the same athletic club. The other day when I walked in with my Yale hockey stuff on they all turned and stared at me like they had never seen a woman in actual work out gear ACTUALLY lifting heavy weights. It was hilarious and I represented Yale Hockey well, I would like to think.

Other then working out my day is pretty routine like. It mostly consists of working, eating, working out, and sleeping. I can’t expect much else because I am exhausted after all of that. Once the weekend hits though it’s time to hit the mountains!

Last weekend we departed at 5:30 am for the mountains, we went to a small mountain resort town where we white water rafted. Post rafting, we hit up this amazing hiking trail called Hanging Lake. I am not going to lie; I freaked out when half way up this steep trail we found a woman who had broken her leg on the trail being attended to by three paramedics. None the less I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I just kept chugging along. At the top there was this emerald blue lake with a water fall flowing into it. It was such a beautiful sunny day; everything was just working out to add to the glorious site to be seen. After the hike we headed to a Harvard grads backyard and camped on his property for the night. The next morning we drove into aspen where we took in all that Aspen had to offer and had lunch at this great little restaurant called Boogies. ( Look the man “Boogie” up, he has an incredible life story!)

The ride home may have been the scariest but sweetest moment of my life. So apparently Colorado doesn’t think you need barriers on the highways to keep you from ACTUALLY going off a cliff of a mountain. We were scaling a two lane road, without shoulders climbing up this mountain in my Toyota 4 runner. I was driving and I was so scared for those in the car with me. The only thought in my head was “Are you kidding me Colorado, I am actually going to be on the news for driving off a cliff of a mountain with all the interns in the car with me!” Needless to say I am still fully intact as well as the others, but I will tell you, I am going to be emailing Colorado parks and letting them know it took me about 2 hours extra on my drive home because there was no way I could go more than 15 miles an hour without driving off a cliff on that ride because they somehow thought going the speed limit (40 m/hr) was a safe estimate for the terrain. At the top of the mountain was “Independence Pass.” I am from the Canadian Rockies so I mean I have seen wilderness before, I have seen mountains and I have driven those roads before but NEVER have I seen a better view from the top of a mountain. After being down in Aspen I was only wearing my Yale hockey shorts and a tee shirt but I had to search through my bag for sweater up there!  We had to walk a one man path with snow coming up around us to our knees but that view was something you would of seen in a calendar. Anyways, I think at this point Colorado tourism should be hiring me to promote this gorgeous state haha. It has been a blast down here so far and I still have the rest of the summer to continue having these types of amazing experiences.

I hope everyone is doing well and they have equally or better stories to share. I miss you all and I am already ready for the fall training with Joe and ready to start an epic season alongside you amazing girls and Coach UK, Jess and Eddie.



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