Emily Desmueles Summer Entry-Caicos Islands and Beyond…

Hi everyone!  I hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summers!  Like Jenna, I started my summer off with a well-need trip to Myrtle Beach at the end of finals week.  It was tons of fun relaxing on the beach and unwinding in true YWIH fashion after a long year. 

I headed home after Myrtle to spend the next few weeks with my family and friends.  It’s always nice coming back and getting a chance to spend time with people I don’t see much during the year.  I went to my cousin’s graduation from university, reconnected with some friends from home I hadn’t seen in forever and finally got a chance to see a couple of my sister Hadley’s lacrosse games!  She was tearing it up for Westminster at the end of the season! 

I also spent these weeks gearing up for my trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the West Indies.  I was supposed to spend the month of June on the small island of South Caicos, doing an intensive study in marine management and conservation techniques.  As part of the program we would spend lots of time snorkeling and interacting with local fishermen and government officials. 

I was so excited to get there and when we first arrived I could tell it would be an amazing experience. The view off the centers front porch was incredible and the town had a lot of neat places I was excited to go explore.  Everyone else in the group was just as excited as I was and I couldn’t wait to spend the next month with them snorkeling and visiting the smaller islands we could see right off the coast. 

The View off the Center's Front Porch

Unfortunately, I picked up a nasty virus before I left for my trip and it really flared up a few days after arriving.  Although South Caicos does have a small clinic, the island doctor wasn’t able to alleviate any of my symptoms so I had to cut my trip short before I even spent a whole week there.  Before I left however, I did get to go swimming and snorkeling and exploring the town with the other students. 

Airport Road – the main road in the town of Cockburn Harbor, South Caicos.

Now I’m back home, sunburned and disappointed but recuperating and looking forward to the rest of my summer.  I’m working at a hockey camp in July and traveling around a bunch to visit friends from high school I haven’t seen in a long time.  In August I’ll be making a trip with Lauren up to the wilds of Canada to visit Dani.  Should be an adventure!  And of course I’ll be spending lots of time at the gym and on the track, getting ready for the upcoming season!

Hope you’re all having wonderful summers!  See you in a few months. 


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