Jenna Ciotti Summer Entry-Naples, FL

Hey everyone!  I trust that your YWIH(Yale Womens Ice Hockey) pride is prevailing wherever you are, and that each of you are having a great summer! My summer began pretty relaxed with a well-needed vacation in Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, I cut my vacation short to return to Yale for my orientation trip as a FOOT leader. For those of you who don’t know, FOOT is a freshman orientation trip offered to incoming freshman prior to Camp Yale. This August, Jenn Lawrence and I will be leading freshman into the wilderness for a four or six day camping trip. Over the course of the four or six days, FOOT leaders are assigned to a group of

My Foot Group

freshman and given a specific trail to follow. Each FOOT trip typically varies from 12-15 miles of hiking over the span of four days or more dependent on the trip’s length. On my specific trip in mid-May, my group meandered along the Appalachian Trail. Our trip included a rigorous climb up Connecticut’s highest summit, Bear Mountain. When we reached the top, I could

Highest Canadian in Connecticut

proudly say that I was the highest Canadian in Connecticut. My group had a fantastic time, and we left the wilderness and bonded. Despite the horrible weather, we managed to have a fairly casual trip doing minimal hiking and spending most of our time eating. Overall, leaving Myrtle Beach for FOOT was completely worth it in the end! I’m really happy I decided to become a FOOT leader because it is a fantastic opportunity at Yale that allows you to meet interesting and fun people that you wouldn’t get to know otherwise. SO, I strongly encourage all incoming freshman to sign up for FOOT. It will be

Who says you need pants when you have garbage bags?

one of your greatest memories at Yale, and maybe Jenn or I will be your leader!


After, I returned from my FOOT leader trip I spent the next few days hanging out in New Haven. After a few days of relaxing, I flew to Naples, Florida where I am currently living now. One of my first weekends here, my mom and I took a trip to Orlando and visited Disney World. I hadn’t been there since I was four, so I had a great time! I also took a trip to the Naples Zoo, where I came in close contact with some pretty scary animals!


Disney World

Last week, I began my six-week internship at a Radiation Oncology center here in Naples. Thus far, it has been an amazing experience and I am learning so much. Next week, I will also begin as an intern at the Naples Hospital where I will be assisting in developing plans for combating infectious diseases that occur after surgery. My work will entail reviewing surgical cases where infections arose and looking for trends in surgical data. I will also be able to see several surgeries and work with some amazing doctors. In mid-July I will leave this paradise and return home for the

A casual tiger in my backyard...kidding-saw this guy at the Naples Zoo!

remainder of my summer. I will spend the next six weeks there working at a children’s day camp. I’m excited to spend some quality time at home, since I haven’t been back since Christmas!

Again, I trust that everyone is having a great summer and I am so excited for next year’s season! Take care, relax, and see you all in no time! 

Beautiful Sunset At Naples Pier!





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