Junior Jen Matichuk- Summer Entry “Bunkerville”

Hey All!

Jen Matichuk here. Exams ended about 2 weeks ago for most, turning the rigorous school year into summer break. Most started off break by relaxing and regrouping for a few days (or perhaps some are still in this mode..). I decided to start my summer vacation off by fully immersing myself in the world of Yale Theater. Throughout the year I worked on various theater projects, but, nothing compared to this one. Being the Technical Director (in charge of building the set and collaborating with the Set Designer), I was on the production staff and therefore worked some very long days. I moved into my new room on Old Campus on the 11th of May and then started building with my crew on the 12th to help bring the student written musical, Bunkerville, to life by the 20th.

 I would get to the theater by about 8:50AM each morning, build until lunch break, then get back to building until around 6PM or so, then break for dinner and release my crew. Then myself and my Co-Technical Director would get back to the theater and usually continue working until the Production staff met for our nightly midnight meeting where we recap the entire day from each department. I normally got back to my room at around 2AM, went to sleep, and then repeated this the next day.

While all of this sounds quite exhausting and difficult, it was actually the best experience I have had at Yale thus far. Watching the entire production come together for a successful four-day run was extremely rewarding and entertaining. I made some unbelievable friends and learned even more about theater. The cast and crew were fantastic and I cannot wait to start working on theater again come junior year! (And for the YWIH season of course).

 Right now I am living in New Haven taking Screenwriting and training with Joe. Hope everyone else is having a great summer as well!


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