Spring Break

We are now back from Spring Break and there was a clear message from the coaching staff that we are going to be the hardest working team. We have 5-6 weeks of Spring Training before school ends which gives us an opportunity to get stronger and fitter setting a great base for summer training. This really is the start to our 2011-2012 season and yesterday’s first workout was indeed an indication of how tough these next weeks ahead of us will be. It will be a challenge, but definitely worth it!

Some players have done some blogging about their spring breaks. Below are a couple entries.

Aleca Hughes Blog

Hello from Harbour Island!! I’ve been in the Bahamas for the last 9 days and it’s been glorious. I’m here with my best childhood friend and her family. We’ve spent our days hanging on the beach, fishing, and waterskiing. The water here is unbelievable and the sand is pink from the coral reefs that surround the island. Harbour Island is a tiny island off of North Eluethra. You get here by taking a small water taxi and we drive golf carts around the island. It’s been a blast catching up with old friends. A lot of kids from my high school are down here and we’ve been hanging out with a lot of southern kids as well. Watch out, I’ll probably be dropping “ya’ll” a few times. Harbour Island is an amazing spot. It’s so nice to be back here. The
cold weather up north is going to be a shocker that’s for sure.

Earlier on in break I was home on Martha’s Vineyard. It was great to be on island time but it was chilly! And then I spent my first weekend of spring break down in Princeton. Yes, fraternizing with the enemy but also watching my older brother beat up on the tigers. He’s a sophomore at St. Lawrence. I was so bummed I didn’t get to watch them play at The Whale last weekend but it would have been weird sitting on the wrong side of the
rink.  Georgie met Giana too! I’ll post a pic… his playoff mustache is pretty slimey–beware. And that’s all I’ve got. I’m turning my brain back on and getting ready for spring training!

Jackie Snikeris and Erin Callahan Blog

During the first week of break, we (Snik & Erin) went on a mother-daughter trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first day was eventful for both of us even though we weren’t together: Erin’s flight got cancelled, then the next one was delayed, leading to a missed connection and an overnight stay in Newark (yuck) and Snik spent a little too much time in the sun and got burned! However, once things settled down we were able to have some fun. Our first night together we went into Old San Juan for dinner and ate at a place called Old Harbor Brewery. We walked around the town, and even though it was quiet, the warm temperatures were enough to make us happy! The next day, we both spent time relaxing and lying on the beach. Erin went running on the beach (no gyms in a condo!) and Snik worked out in her hotel. After a lazy day, we met up at place called Café la Plage: it was a restaurant/bar ON the beach. There we enjoyed some delicious fries and strawberry daiquiris before heading over to the El San Juan hotel for dinner. Up on the rooftop restaurant, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, we had an amazing barbeque dinner and even got to try riding a mechanical bull! (We went pretty slow haha). On the way out of the hotel, Erin & her mom stopped in the casino and won $50 at Blackjack… beginner’s luck!

Our final day together was the most adventurous of them all. We rented a car and drove ourselves to the famous rainforest: El Yunque National Forest. This rainforest is basically on top of a huge mountain and is nominated for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. After driving up part of the way, we hiked up a trail to a waterfall, where we swam in the pool at the bottom of the falls. It was cold but pretty amazing. After we hiked back down, we drove to a public beach and spent the rest of the day lounging on one of the nicest beaches on the island. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing trip. Now, we’re back at school and Erin is gearing up for spring training and Snik is finishing up that senior essay, and trying to enjoy her last weeks at school.


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