One Last Hurrah

Your 2010-2011 Maria Dennis 3v3 Yale Tournament Champions!

This morning was our final 3 v 3 tournament game of the season. The championship match up was the Pylons vs. District 5. Both teams were missing players due to injury, therefore, Coach UK subbed on the Pylons and Coach Eddie for District 5. With what seemed to be an even

Goalies During Practice This Morning. Snik Took Away the Top Goalie for the 3v3 Tournament.

match-up all game a goal was scored in the final closing minutes. General Manager of the Pylons Sam MacLean sniped the lone goal of the game top right corner to seal the deal for the Pylons. Athletic Trainer and Creator of the Yale 3 v 3 Trophy, Richard Kapland, presented the award to the Pylons. The

Jackie and Dunbar 2 Silly Freshmen At Practice This Morning


Pylons then proceeded to do a victory lap accompanied by the song, “We are the Champions”.

After some great pictures were taken, we finished with one last drill, “Bubble Hockey”!

The returning players basically have 2 weeks off from the hockey world that includes, practices, lift, and training. Shortly after Spring Break we are back at it for Spring Training. Next week we vote for our new 2011-2012 captain as well as have our closing 1 v 1 meetings with the coaches.

What will we do now without hockey? Cheer for our amazing Men’s Team who is currently ranked 3rd in the country! They play two home games this weekend which marks their final regular season weekend before their playoffs start. Here we go Boys!

Final On-Ice Team Pic of the Season....xo


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  1. shhhocker says:

    Where can I get one of those Yale practice jerseys? Check out my hockey blog on hockey skills, hockey tricks, news, etc. Thanks!

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