Big Win vs. Colgate…and Then There Was a Snow Storm

Freshmen Ashley Dunbar receives the hardest worker hat from her teammates after the big win against Colgate.


After a toss loss to Cornell last Friday, we came out on Saturday with some fire beating Colgate 3-1. Freshmen Ashley Dunbar received the hard hat award after playing by far her best game of the year. There were no goals from Dunbar, but extremely important chips, great use of her speed in transition, and multiple opportunities to get her first career goal. It is coming soon Dunbar!

19 Inches of Snow!


Our midweek Wednesday game vs. Brown was cancelled due a snow storm that hit Connecticut pretty hard. The game is rescheduled for February 15th at 7:30pm. Our city of New Haven was hit with 19 inches of snow! All public schools were closed in the area, but of course Yale classes were still in session. Bah!

Ingalls Rink Post Snow Storm


Since our highly anticipated game was cancelled we had a team Winter Wonderland Game Day. Before practice there was a Blue and White draft held by appointed General Managers; Sam MacLean (Team White) and Bray Ketchum (Team Blue).

After a few drills to get the feet moving we played three competitive mini games with our drafted teams. Team Blue took it to

Player's Entrance to Ingalls Rink After Snow Storm


team White in the first game outscoring them 7-1. They went on to dominate the other two games winning by an impressive 24-4 score. Tough day for Team White. As a reward the winners on Team Blue got to pick a partner from Team White to get them a dessert of their choice.

We have this weekend off of games and will start up again on Monday to prepare for our road trip to play Clarkson and St. Lawrence next weekend. It’s nice to get a weekend off to rest for this important second half. On Sunday many of us are going to go cheer Coach Zumi when her CWHL Pro Team, the Boston Blades, faces Brampton Thunder at Wesleyan College.


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