Let the Games Begin

Jenna Ciotti all iced up. We have some great athletic trainers this season-Nina Szemis and Richard Kapland. They take good care of our girls and get them healthy very quickly. We are lucky to have them!


This second half of the season is going to fly by..Our first home game of many in this short week and a half span was yesterday against Boston College. Boston College is ranked 6th in the country and our team battled tough to keep the game to a close 2-1 score. We pulled our goaltender for a last minute effort to tie the game and unfortunately BC took advantage of the open net and finished the game winning 3-1.

Ashley Dunbar- Our Quiet Freshmen, but also usually best dressed! Today maybe not so much =)


There is no sense and also no time to sulk about this loss since we have 3 league games coming up very quickly. We play #1 ranked Cornell this Friday, Colgate on Saturday, and Brown Wednesday. Nutrition and sleep will be vital for our recovery throughout these games.

We have been staying at the Marriott Hotel for this winter break since our dorms on campus had been closed. Tomorrow we move out of our luxurious hotel and back to the dorms. We are also going team bowling tomorrow! There are going to be great pictures to come!


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