We’re Back!

After having 10 days at home for the holidays we are back and feeling re-energized. Many of us spent the break sleeping 10+ hours a night, or playing some pick-up hockey, or simply enjoying the company of our close family and friends. It was nice to get some time away from the pressures of school work and our hockey season, but we missed the team and are excited to be back!

Many of us experienced travel delays due to the weather. Thus, the first full team practice didn’t occur until FOUR days after we were suppose to arrive. For those of us that were fortunate enough to beat the storm, we worked hard trying to find our legs again.

On the 30th Coach Eddie had us over at his family’s home for a team dinner. It was an amazing array of Italian dishes coupled with wonderful desserts. There were lots of laughs throughout the night-one being Jenna Ciotti telling Eddie that she thought he was Mexican and wondered why they were serving Italian food. Oh boy!

Gift Exchange

Next day, New Years Eve, started off with a high energy and competitive practice.  Following the practice was our team Holiday Party with some lunch and an intense gift exchange. The gift exchange game is credited to Coach UK’s wife, Angie and her family since they traditionally do it every holiday.

The general overview of the gift exchange is that everyone was

Lauren, Aurora, Heather, and Natalie at Team Holiday Party

asked to bring a wrapped present from their hometowns. We gathered in a circle and there were 3 sets of 2 dice(per set) being passed clockwise around the circle. There are three rounds.

Girls Watching Coach Eddie Put on His Hawaiian Outfit from the Gift Exchange

In the first round each person rolls the dice and if they get doubles they get to grab a present from the table. If you already rolled doubles you don’t go again. After each person get’s a present round two starts. In round two 4 minutes are put on the clock and when you hit doubles you have to trade presents with someone. In this round everyone rolls no matter how many times you hit doubles. If you hit a double, you trade. At the end of this round individual one at a time opens their gifts. Once everyone is done, the third round begins. In the third and final round there are 2 minutes put on the clock. Once again everyone rolls the dice and tries to get doubles, if you get doubles you have to trade, except this time you know what the present(s) you want are. This is the round where things get pretty competitive when there are hot presents that people want. The hot present on the market this year was Sam’s knitted winter hat that was half done with a note that said “whoever get’s this present, I’ll put your number on it”. The most interesting present would have to be the used bowling shoes that we still are not sure who brought that one.

Team Holiday Party Post Gift Exchange

Team at Giana's House

Giana with The Big Cake!

What’s next? The Winter Classic on TV for New Years Day and 2 days away from resuming our season when we face Boston College at home. Can’t wait!

Team Picture at Giana's


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