Study, no play?

Bray in Goalie Gear and Coach UK

These past couple weeks have been mentally draining with papers and 3 ½ hr. final exams. However, we still managed to have some fun and break a sweat. On Monday Coach UK & Eddie skated out. Coach Paul & senior forward Bray Ketchum played goalie, and senior goalie Jackie Snikeris skated out. Though, the game of the week was Thursday- Dunkin Donuts Holiday USA vs Canada Game.

Coach Paul Strapped the Pads on!

This year’s Yale team is split well with half USA players and half Canadians. Coach UK played on the Canadian team so the name was changed to“Team International”. Coach Zumi and Eddie played on the USA team and Coach Paul wore the black and white stripes to ref the game. Tensions were high as the game

Team-USA All Geared Up


began. There are many competitive individuals, so losing for

Erin and Her Fanny Pack!

either party was simply not an option. Team USA came dressed in Red, White, and Blue during their off-ice warm ups showing some American Pride. They seemed very motivated and prepared for the big game. Team International took a different approach where they were very laid back, yet still highly confident.

We played 4-12 minute running time periods of 4 v 4 and a full roster shootout at the end. Each regulation goal was worth 2 points and shootout goal worth 1. It was a very competitive game that Team International finished strong beating the Americans 15-7. Team celebration included Canadian National Anthem and winning

Team Canada Singing their National Anthem After Victory


prize-Dunkin Donuts!


Team Canada Wins Dunkin Donut Holiday Game!


Some of the Girls and Giana After Her Holiday Concert


To add to the crazy week’s agenda was a Holiday concert for our adopted 9 year old Yale Women’s Hockey Member, Giana Cardonita’s. Several players were in attendence to support Giana. It was such a treat to see her sing with her classmates. She was all smiles especially since she had the loudest cheers from us! We topped all of the parents in the building!

Giana's 4th Grade Class with Some of The Hockey Team


So, what now? Break! Time to regroup. open presents, and not eat chocolate because Coach Zumi would not approve. =)


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