Fall Break Festivities

Where do we begin?

This Fall Break has not only been a great break from our everyday school life, but also a special time for team bonding- A time to loosen up a bit from the stresses of school and the tough hockey training.

Team Picnik Outside...

It all started Monday after about 45 minutes into practice when we abruptly evacuated the arena because of a nearby gas leak. We made the most of the situation by having a quaint picnic lunch outside of the arena with a brief mental training session focused on Visualization and Relaxation. Sophomore Jenn Matichuk put her acting talent to use during this “gas leak tragedy” with a local news station. No body was hurt, but it seemed like every fire truck for miles was at the Ingals Rink to stop this gas leak, so for New Haven, this was the lead story!

After a few hours at our dorms the gas leak was fixed and we were back on the ice for a competitive inter-squad scrimmage that ended in a shootout victory for team Blue! When practice ended we had a team meal followed by a Team Movie Night with popcorn and yogurt covered pretzels (which were gone in 2 seconds). We watched one of Coach Uk’s favorites, “White Squall” with the message of discipline and camaraderie. Great flick!

Team Zumba Dance Workout

Day 2 of break involved a morning Zumba session prior to practice. For those that have never done Zumba and are looking for a fun calorie burner, you need to try it! Most of us showed up in 80’s gear. We had the look, but had no idea what was ahead of us. Our Zumba instructor, Dominique, put us through an hour of choreographed dancing to hip-hop, pop, latin/mambo music. There were tons of laughs and priceless

Emily, Ashley, Natalie, & Genny In Their Zumba 80's Gettup


moments with tough hip movements and lack of coordination from a few. Everyone made an honest effort to do all the moves and from it burned so many calories!

Day 3 we had “Team Minute to Win it” challenge day. We were split in our 3 v 3 tournament teams to try and accomplish several challenges from the Minute to Win it television show. High Altitude

Jen Matichuk Dominating Minute to Win It Challenge (Elephant March)


came out with the victory led by Team Captain and General Manager, Lauren Davis who never lost a challenge, while the Whalers came very close to capturing co-titles. The last event was called Matchmaker where there were 18 cups on a table with 1M & M under each cup  (6 brown, 6 yellow, 6 green). There were three tables each with a glass cup in the middle about 5 yds away from the center table that contained all the cups.

Jaime Grey Stacks 5 Apples for Minute to Win It Challenge (Johnny Apple Stack)


In 60 seconds a participant must flip over one cup at a time and place the M&M in one of the glass cups. The color of the M&M indicates which glass cup the participant must put them in. It is a race of agility, speed, and thought process.

To add to our 3rd day of festivities-after last weekend’s game vs. Clarkson each player drew a teammates’ name out of a hat. For

Team Thanksgiving Meal

our Minute to Win it challenge day everyone showed up dressed as the teammate that they drew.  We all did such a great job imitating one another. We finished the day with a great Team Thanksgiving Meal. Good times!


Dress Up Like a Teammate Day



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