Quick Turnaround

Asian Power!

We had a tough showing in our second game against Dartmouth over the Halloween weekend. Several lessons were learned and taken from our loss. Losing is never an easy thing, but fortunately, it is still early in the season. We are looking forward to putting that game behind us and continuing on our journey.

With one day of rest on Halloween, we were back on the ice today (Monday) preparing for our Tuesday home opener against the Providence Friars. For practice there were some puck movement drills, d-zone coverage, and of course our breakaway showdown. The seniors and freshmen won again -3 weeks in a row! It’s a quick turnaround, but we feel rested and re-energized. We are ready for Providence!

Older news… our Saturday morning activities had not been released to the public yet! Lucky for you all-it is finally here!

Halloween Team Festivities

The team gathered together after breakfast in two contests. 1-Best Halloween Group Costume, and 2. Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt was so proficiently put together by Coach Paul that had the girls running all around the hotel. The team groupings were organized by line units. The 7 Dwarves team (won scavenger hunt), The Villagers who sang the YMCA (won best costume). Even though the other two teams did not come away with a W-they did have fantastic costumes. There was Team Slumber Party with full on onesies and pigtails, and Team Caterpillar who awkwardly yet creatively turned into a Butterfly thanks to Butterfly -Tara Tomimoto.

Team Dwarfs from Snow White



Team Sleepover

Team Caterpillar

Team Caterpillar turned into.....Team Tara the Butterfly




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