‘White Out’ for Mandi

Great news! Cord blood O+ has successfully engrafted in Mandi’s bone marrow! All of her count are up and getting close to normal healthy levels and after a bone marrow biopsy Wednesday she should be cleared to head back her Seattle apt. Mandi’s mom sent out a great update on the Caringbridge website and mentioned that Mandi is extremely happy and is excited to get out of the hospital and (of course) lace up her skates. Mandi you are such an inspiration!

In other related news our home opener game is Nov. 12 and we are planning a big event to honor Mandi, and raise donations as well as draw a couple extra fans to the rink. Aleca is head manning the effort to make that game a ‘white out’ at the rink. We will be rallying support from students and members of the community and asking them to support Mandi and the Yale Bulldogs by coming out and wearing a white tee, We will have several donors pledging money for each person who attends, so  just by showing up at the rink each individual helps us raise money for Mandi. We are all excited to get the ball rolling on this project and will keep everyone updated with the details as they come.

Jen M., Natalie, and Lili in our special the player's entrance at Ingalls Rink

As for today, we had a high energy lift with Joe and hit the ice for practice. We did a lot of skating and conditioning as we have tomorrow off to rest up and re-energize. Will be back at the rink on Wednesday for practice and lift and then again Thursday morning, and then will be taking off Thursday night for a doubleheader against Vermont. Once again, counting down the days till game day.


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