Scrimmage Time

Up at the crack of dawn. Game Day!!…or scrimmage day. We’re just happy to be playing. I tag along on my roller blades with Bray and Snik on the tandem bike as we make our way to the rink for 7am while its still dark out. We pack up the bus and were on the road on the way to Princeton NJ by 730 am. After everyone settles in and eats breakfast the bus is pretty quiet as most take advantage of the travel time to sleep or review their play books.


Bray, Snik, & Sam on way to Ingalls Rink

Once we get to the rink everyone does their own pregame routine before we get together for a fairly rowdy team warm up that we kickoff with a locker room dance party. As everyone hits the ice the energy is high and I’m sure there are some nerves as well, especially for the freshman. We were a little disorganized and found ourselves chasing the puck a lot in the first period, but with every period our system improved and we started communicating a lot better. In the forth and final period against Brown Jenn L. got her first goal (first of many I’m sure), and we were all excited. The scrimmage was  good opportunity to see where we are as a team and to feel out our strengths and weaknesses. After only one week of practice with a young team, we still have a lot to work on but we’re hoping to hit the ice tomorrow for a full 3 period exhibition against McGill. McGill has already played a good number of games this season but were ready to play them with a lot of heart and effort and hopefully come out on top and make improvements on today’s effort.


Jenn, Freshmen who scored lone goal in today's scrimmage




On Way to Princeton for Scrimmage




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