Picture Day


Sophomores Natalie, Emily, & Zupon



Picture day! After taking a good number of individual, team, and class photos we got into practice time. The energy was good and the power play system is coming together nicely and there were definitely some great power play snipes. To end off practice the sophomore and juniors faced off against the seniors and freshman in a shootout. Each player took two shots and though the goalies did a good job keeping the scores low the seniors and freshman came out victorious. I really think the experience and skill of the senior class is a force to be reckoned with. ūüôā To celebrate the win there was a 9 man canoe that paddled up the ice untilculminating in a nice pile of players at the red line. Very graceful. It was a good practice to get some movement and get loose.


Lauren and Heather


Tomorrow we’ll be at the rink at 7 am to get some food and pack up the bus before the Princeton/Brown scrimmage. It feels like we’ve been waiting to play a game since forever and now its finally here.¬† Time to rest up, hydrate (and watch the Leafs v. Rangers) to get ready for the game.

Coach Paul will be posting the results of Wednesday’s Maria Denis 3 v. 3. challenge, however the game between The Pylons (Aurora, Sam, Paige and Tara) and The Wolfpack (Bray, Natalie, Emily and Jenna) was a close one. The Pylons took the early lead with a goal from Aurora off the rebound. The next shift The Wolfpack evened it up with Bray on he breakaway missing the net but putting in her own rebound. It came down to the forth shooter but in the end The Wolfpack came¬† out with the win in the shootout. The Maria Denis Challenge will continue all season with all 6 teams competing at the end of every Wednesday practice.


Coach Eddie and UK



According to the preseason poll, despite the result of the first game The Pylons are expected to be a top contender. ¬†Pictures from picture day and other 3v3 logos are coming soon…


Sophomore Jamie Gray

Sophomore Jamie Gray all smiles!



Team Pylon Logo



-Proud to be a Pylon-Sam


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