Team Activity at East Rock

Got up earlier than normal for a Saturday – 10 am practice will do that to you. I don’t think anyone cared too much though because we were all still pretty excited about getting on the ice for official practice and learning new systems. After practice we headed to the dinning halls to catch a quick lunch and then back to the rink for a Saturday team activity. We piled into a couple cars and drove about 10 minutes to the base of East Rock where Aleca lead us on a mini hike. Jen L was looking pretty good outfitted in hiking boots, jorts, a flannel shirt, and of course head lamp. Aleca didn’t look too bad in her hiking Crocs either. The weather was really great and it was nice to get off campus and be outdoors, and the view of New Haven from the top of East Rock was amazing.

Team Picture During Hike Up East Rock

After taking a moment to enjoy the view we spent some time discussing goals for the season and watching an inspirational documentary about a young man’s goal to climb Mount Everest and the journey to the top. Then we all enjoyed some snacks (fruit and cookies – great combo!) and headed back to campus. Later that evening we got together as a team to have some fun and relax before we start games next weekend. Looking forward to a good week of practice, learning the systems and getting ready for the Princeton/Brown scrimmage and McGill coming up this weekend. I think we’re all really excited to finally play in a game and see how we gel as a team-Sam

Team at Top of East Rock Summit


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